Man back behind bars after faking paralysis

Man back behind bars after faking paralysis (Image 1)

A man who authorities say has confessed to faking paralysis to get out of jail is back behind bars.

Nathan Donovan was serving six years for burglary charges when he mysteriously developed paralysis.

After numerous medical visits, a Maury County judge granted Donovan a furlough, releasing him from jail.

“He is out on furlough, awaiting a special needs bed at TDOC. He is free to walk around as you or I,” Columbia police detective Jason Sanders said.

Police told Nashville's News 2 Investigates Donovan's charade unraveled after he was assaulted and someone tipped over his wheelchair.

“We get info from a concerned citizen that he is not crippled at all. He can walk. He has been seen walking. This is all a sham. I actually witnessed him walking in his front yard. He confessed this was all a sham,” Sanders said.

Sanders said Donovan has since confessed to making up the health condition.

“We arrested him at a Walmart and his wheelchair was on the other side of town,” Sanders said.

When asked about Donovan's furlough, Maury County Sheriff Enoch George said, “He pulled the wool over our eyes.”

On Wednesday afternoon, an ambulatory Donovan stepped out of a Maury County squad car on his way to court.

The 29-year-old man was scheduled for a first appearance on charges that he filed a false report claiming he had been robbed and assaulted in a separate incident.

Donovan remains jailed and is scheduled to appear in court early next month where the issue of his furlough will be discussed.

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