Heiress charters jet for marine’s dogs rescued in Afghanistan

Heiress charters jet for marine's dogs rescued in Afghanistan (Image 1)

It was the flight of a lifetime after an heiress reach out to a United States Marine and his two dogs, both rescued from Afghanistan.

According to ABC News, Andrew Morales and his family could not get a commercial airline to fly his dogs from San Diego to his family's new home in North Carolina, and an animal activist group stepped up to help. 

Morales had rescued Dusty and Wyatt while on an overseas tour of duty almost three years ago and could not bear to part with the two part-Anatolian Shepherds.

“In Afghanistan, they are pretty much your best friend,” Morales told ABC Affiliate WWAY.

Morales learned that he would have to move the dogs after getting the call that he would be transferred from his base in Southern California to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

The airlines could not accommodate the size of the Anatolian Shepard mix dogs. Searching for advice, Morales called the rescue league that helped him bring the dogs to America.

The story then made it to Facebook, where it caught the attention of Helen Rosburg, the heiress to the Wrigley gum fortune.

Rosberg didn't hesitate to charter a private jet to get the Morales family and their dogs to their new home together.

“He's fought for our freedoms and he is a hero because he rescued two dogs,” said Rosburg.

Rosburg, who lives in Florida, said she hopes she will be able to meet the couple and the dogs the next time she is in North Carolina. 

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*ABC News contributed to this report.

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