African American civil war soldiers honored in Maury County

African American civil war soldiers honored in Maury County (Image 1)

The United States Civil War marks its 150th anniversary, but despite the years, there are things that can never be forgotten.

Local historians verified the names of 58 union soldiers from Maury County who lost their lives in the war, and the soldiers received a tribute honoring them for their service on Saturday.

Of the soldiers whose names were added, 54 of them were black, four of them were white.

The African American Heritage Society of Maury County remembered the soldiers through a reenactment, as well as a wreath laying and reading of names as part of the tribute.

“Our whole purpose is preservation of African American history and we wanted to start projects that would be meaningful to African American's here,” said JoAnn McClellan, President of AAHS.

The names of the members were added to the Maury County War Memorial after local efforts to find the identity of the deceased soldiers.

Ancestors of some of the soldiers were present at the ceremony supporting their legacy.

The event represented an emotional experience for many service members.

“It's kind of a connection for me to honor some of those who serve but also who gave their lives for our county,” said Scott Gaines.

He continued, “As we know, they weren't recognized in the past, so that is an even greater honor for them to be recognized today.”

Private fundraising and money from Maury County paid for the $6,000 engraving costs.

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