American Born Moonshine launches in Music City

American Born Moonshine launches in Music City (Image 1)

A former college quarterback and Iraqi War veteran have joined forces and are now making moonshine in Tennessee.

Pat Dillingham, former quarterback at Notre Dame, and Sean Koffel, a former Marine Corps captain, left their jobs just over two years ago to pursue their dream.

They began studying the process of making moonshine, looking at more than 100 recipes, before finally narrowing it down to their own three: original, which is 103 proof and made with un-aged corn whiskey, and two flavored versions, apple pie and a sweet tea concoction called “Dixie.”

The duo has been marketing their product for months.

“To us, starting a first class whiskey business is shaking everybody's hand,” Koffel told News 2.  “We always say, 'You sell whiskey with a handshake' and from Portland north to Pulaski south from Cookeville east to Dickson west, we've been to every retail store and liquor store shaking hands with as many people as we can.”

From start to finish, everything about their moonshine, including its packaging, is made in America.

Dillingham said, “We made the glass in this country, which is really hard to do.  We didn't import anything.  Everything on our bottle and in our bottle is made in America.  That was non-negotiable from the start.  It was a tough thing to accomplish, but we accomplished it and that will never change.”

American Born Moonshine will have their official launch party at Paradise Park on Lower Broadway Thursday night.  The event begins at 7 p.m.

The public is invited to attend but must pre-register here.

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