Chief unhappy with way bounty hunters made arrest

Chief unhappy with way bounty hunters made arrest (Image 1)

The Lebanon police chief is unhappy with a pair of men believed to be bounty hunters who rushed into a local liquor store, brandishing weapons over the weekend.

According to Chief Scott Bowen the two unidentified alleged bounty hunters arrested a man inside Liquor World around 8:30 p.m. before leaving the premises.

In a short 30 second video shown to Nashville's News 2 Investigates, a man walked into the store located on South Cumberland before the alleged bounty hunters come in behind him.

In the video, one of the men is wearing a police style vest with the word “Agent” written on the back, while the second man is carrying what appears to be either a Tazer or a gun.

The man is said to have pointed the weapon at the store's clerk momentarily after taking the suspect into custody before exiting the store.

The frightened store clerk said he was unclear what was happening inside the store, and according to Chief Bowen, he was about to reach for his gun because he thought he was being robbed.

Days after the terrifying incident, the police department and the District Attorney's office want to talk to the bounty hunters and their bonding companies to discuss how the arrest took place.

“The word to me on this is stupid,” Chief Bowen said. “This is just stupid. To me, it's unacceptable. We understand they have a job to do, but the way they did it is unbelievable. To me, there is a million ways to do this other than the way they did. Obviously we want these guys identified.”

He continued, “We arrest people everyday. There is a right and wrong way to do it and this is the wrong way to do it. This is a way where someone will get killed. It is stupid to do it this way. Unacceptable. [It] puts our citizens at risk and the liquor store owner at risk and my officers are running there.”

According to Bowen, the initial call Saturday night went out as an armed robbery.

Chief Bowen added he believes the two men who made the arrest are bounty hunters because they often wear vests with the word “Agent” on the back.

“The District Attorney's office has reviewed the video. Now we want to find out who these guys are. This is not what we expect from bonding companies.”

Anyone who recognizes the men in the video or knows the bonding company involved is urged to call the Lebanon Police Department at 615-444-2323.

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