599 state employees sent home without pay

599 state employees sent home without pay (Image 1)

Nearly 600 state workers across the state of Tennessee have been furloughed because of the partial federal shutdown.

According to the Tennessee State Employees Association, 599 state employees have been sent home without pay.

Because their salaries are paid with pass-through money from the federal government, 103 Department of Military employees, 111 employees from the Department of Human Services and 385 men and women with the Department of Labor and Workforce and Development are on furlough.

Cody Goodman, a statistical analyst for the Tennessee Department of Labor, has been out of work since Tuesday, October 8.

In fact, the entire Labor Market Information office has been furloughed.

“As a government employee, it's kind of demeaning to feel like a pawn in these political games,” Goodman said.

The TSEA says hundreds more state employees could be sent home if the government shutdown is not resolved soon.

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