Columbia community rallies to save beloved grandmother’s home

Columbia community rallies to save beloved grandmother's home (Image 1)

A community is coming together to help an elderly woman who could lose her home of nearly 40 years to foreclosure.

They must raise $5,000 or 77-year-old Clara Harvey could be forced out.

Harvey is disabled after suffering a heart attack and stroke.

“I have bad kidneys and nerve problems too,” she said.

Harvey is several months behind on her mortgage payments.  The mortgage lender for her home published a notice of foreclosure in the local newspaper and set a date to sell it next month.

Nashville's News 2 spoke with Harvey about her situation on Monday.  She said she did not want to lose the home where she helped raise her grandchildren.

After the story aired on Nashville's News 2, numerous viewers came forward wanting to help.

“It shows you there are still good people in the world,” said Harvey.

In hopes of washing away her concerns, some of her neighbors have organized another “Save Granny's House” yard sale, bake sale and car wash this Friday and Saturday outside her home.

An account has been set up under the name “Clara Harvey Benefit” at the main branch of Region's Bank in Columbia.

“I hope I can stay in my home,” said Harvey.

She explained that her husband, Johnie, passed away in 2011.  Before he died, the couple took out a second mortgage on the home that was paid for in order to pay off taxes and debt he owed on his business.

Today, the family says Harvey owes $24,800 on her home located at 1119 Locust Lane.

Her Social Security benefits are enough to cover her monthly mortgage payment but the cost of her medication and medical bills put her behind, according to Harvey.

Harvey said she was told she would not qualify for a reverse mortgage.

Neighbor Sherry Russell said their goal of raising $5,000 has not yet been met but they are on their way.

If you would like to help, contact Russell at 931-398-0275.

The yard sale began Friday at 8 a.m. and continued through Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday evening, Russell said enough money was raised for Harvey to keep her home.

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