Man finds mystery graveyard on property

Man finds mystery graveyard on property (Image 1)

A Coffee County man discovered a grave site on his property.

Ricky Green was mowing his lawn in Tullahoma when he made the discovery.

“When I was mowing, I noticed it was like a roller coaster,” he said. “A bunch of bumps there. This one area was sunk in a little more. I found all these dips in a row and started walking them off.”

He said each area was seven feet like and 32 inches apart, leading him to believe they looked more like grave plots.

Michael Bradley, a historian, said they might be connected to the Civil War.

He explained that Tullahoma was the headquarters for the army, with extensive hospitals and a large soldier cemetery, so Green's home is to far it to be a separate burying ground.

He also said any U.S. soldiers that died in the area would have been sent back to Murfreesboro where the National Cemetery is located.

“Of course then, with no markers, perhaps enslaved African-Americans, but there are no plantations in this are and no slave holders,” Bradley explained.

He concluded it is possibly a family cemetery.

Green told News 2 he's just glad he found it before anyone built over it.

“I'm not scared like people expect you to be, or superstitious or anything like that,” he said. “I just want to get it, find out who it is, more or less; respect the dead. Some day I'll be dead. I want somebody to respect me.”

He added he will continue to work with the historian to find out more about the grave site.

Green also wishes to cordon off the area, just in case.

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