Families of fatal Bonnaroo traffic crash demand justice

Families of fatal Bonnaroo traffic crash demand justice (Image 1)

Two families from Indiana are in Rutherford County hoping to convince the district attorney to charge the driver of a semi-truck with vehicular manslaughter.

Brandon Wilson and Deja Morris were killed when the tractor trailer driver hit their vehicle on Interstate 24 in Murfreesboro during the early morning hours of June 13.

The couple was on their way to Bonnaroo and was struck in traffic at the time of the accident.

Wilson and Morris' families claim the truck driver, Stacey Colvin, ignored three overhead message boards warning of slow traffic.  They say he wasn't prepared to stop as he should have been.

Wilson and Morris were hit from behind.  Their car went up in the flames and they died on the scene.

There were 10 vehicles involved in the crash.  Five other people were injured.

Colvin was cited for failure to exercise due care.

The couple's families believe he should be charged with criminal acts.

“We are under the understanding that the [district attorney] here in this town is not going to press charges against the driver because it is stated that accidents do happen,” said Brandon Wilson's mother, Hilda Wilson.

“There is no doubt this is an accident,” Wilson continued, adding, “but he needs to be charged.”

Deja Morris' mother Sue Morris told News 2 she was told by a Tennessee Highway Patrol sergeant that after an investigation, Colvin may face no criminal charges.

“You [never] want to bury your children and our children, we couldn't even see them in the last viewing,” Wilson said.

“[Stacey Colvin] needs to be charged with vehicular manslaughter,” Wilson continued. “He killed two people and critically hurt three others. We are here to get justice.”

Monday evening after this story aired Rutherford County District Attorney William Whitesell spoke with both families and agreed to bring the case before a grand jury.

That case will be likely be heard in November or December of this year.

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