Disabled grandmother in danger of losing home

Disabled grandmother in danger of losing home (Image 1)

A local community is trying to collect enough money to stop an elderly, disabled grandmother from losing her home of nearly 40 years.

Clara Harvey, 77, is known to her neighbors as “Granny.” Her home on Locust Lane in Columbia is a place where they gather on Sunday afternoons to play ball in the yard.

Harvey has lived there for 35 years. She shared the home with her late husband, Johnie, who passed away in 2011.

Since his passing, Harvey's health has gotten worse. She suffered a stroke and heart attack. She lives with congestive heart failure, kidney failure and nerve problems.

Recently, Harvey learned the mortgage lender for her home published a notice of foreclosure and set a date to sell it next month.

Harvey is seven months behind on her mortgage payments. State and federal tax liens have also been filed against the property. Harvey's son had been handling her finances and thought he could settle up the bill without worrying his ill mother.

“I found out that he was taking some of his family's money and trying to pay my bills,” said a teary-eyed Harvey.

Eventually, neighbor Sherry Russell had to break the news to Harvey.

Russell and her teenage daughter, Kassie, organized a yard sale and car wash to raise the $5,000 needed to stop the sale of Harvey's home.

They came up short, collecting just $100 in all. The neighbors say they are in the process of planning more fundraisers.

“At her age, this is home. I couldn't imagine being 77 years old and not knowing where I'm going to sleep tomorrow,” said Russell.

Harvey can't talk about the possibility of losing her home without crying.

“I have memories of my grandchildren growing up here,” she told Nashville's News 2.

The mortgage lender has set a date to sell the home of November 3.

If you would like to donate and help save Harvey's home, contact Sherry Russell at 931-398-0275.

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