Exotic Pet Expo hosts massive variety of animals at fairgrounds

Exotic Pet Expo hosts massive variety of animals at fairgrounds (Image 1)

Snakes, birds, amphibians and dozens of other exotic pets drew animal lovers to the Nashville fairgrounds on Sunday for the Exotic Pet Expo.

The expo was inspired by a group of bird lovers in 1982, but this year, they added some creepy crawlers and reptiles, and the Exotic Pet Expo was born.

“We have tortoises, we have hedgehogs, we have sugar gliders. You name it and we pretty much got it,” said Brett Forsyth with Exotics of Nashville.

Dozens of vendors showed off their exotic pets to educate attendees and potentially find the pets a home.  The Reptile Guy was one of the vendors.

“Reptile Guy started when I rescued a whole bunch of reptiles and ended up turning a room in my house into a reptile room,” Brendan Reynolds explained.

Now Reynolds hosts educational workshops and throws private exotic pet parties.

“We bring eight to 12 different reptiles and critters because we have insects and spiders and all kinds of things to your party. It's about an hour long. We take each one out one at a time and introduce you to who they are, what they are, where they come from, what they eat and which ones make good pets and which ones don't make good pets,” said Reynolds.

The Pet Expo wraps up at 5 p.m. Sunday night.

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