Aerospace contractor tells 150 to stay home

Aerospace contractor tells 150 to stay home (Image 1)
Aerospace contractor tells 150 to stay home (Image 1)

TULLAHOMA, Tenn. (AP) – Federal contractor Aerospace Testing Alliance has sent “do not report” notices to between 100 and 150 workers and plans to tell another 300 people to stay home from work because of the government shutdown.

ATA spokeswoman Kathy Gattis told The Tullahoma News the employees notified on Friday have been told not to come back to work “until the government crisis ends.” The second group of employees will be told to stay home until Oct. 21, when the company will begin a new round of testing.

Gattis says many of ATA's 1,682 employees will be compensated using their accrued vacation time.

Gattis says ATA is asking workers who did not receive notices to use their vacation days to allow the contractor to stretch its available funding as far as possible.

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