Bounty hunters terrorize wrong family

Bounty hunters terrorize wrong family (Image 1)

HARRIMAN (WATE) – Two bounty hunters and a bail bond company are facing a lawsuit after they went into the wrong home.

The family, who lives in a town called Harriman about 40 miles west of Knoxville, is taking action against Affordable Bail Bonds based in Montgomery, Alabama.

Named in the lawsuit are Ruben Brown, who owns the business, and bounty hunters Learnest Wilson and Michael Anthony Henderson Jr.

Jimmy Anderson says it was early in the morning back in November 2012.  He was getting ready for work, his then 12-year-old son Sheldon was taking a shower, his girlfriend Tiffany was in the bedroom feeding their baby.

Suddenly he says there was a knock on the door.

“I opened the door. He came in and started hollering ‘where's she at? Where's she at?'. I was like what are you talking about,” Anderson said, describing how one man first entered the house. He says he was able to force him out, and shut the door.

He now believes the bounty hunters were looking for a neighbor named Kayla Inman.

“I was walking back towards the bedroom, and all of a sudden I hear someone say you got 3 seconds to open the door or I'm going to kick it in. Next thing you know, they kicked my door in and a dude comes in with his gun out. The other guy I had pushed out the door had a stick and they went all the way through the house,” he said.

“I was feeding my little girl and he came in and pointed a gun at me and her and asked what my name was. I was frantic,” described Tiffany Phillips.

After terrorizing the family in their home for about 30 minutes, the two men left. Then later returned.

“He walks back and says sorry, we caught our fugitive. Let me give you something for your damages,” Anderson said.

Jimmy Anderson took no money from the men that day. Instead, he's suing the two bounty hunters and their company.

The company had no comment.

The two bounty hunters were not charged with any crimes.

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