RAD program teaches kids self-defense

RAD program teaches kids self-defense (Image 1)

Parents in Middle Tennessee are utilizing a new self-defense class to keep their kids safe.

The program, called RAD Kids, is teaching local children how to deal with any danger they may face when they're alone. 

Eloy Saban has two children, five-year-old Emily and seven-year-old Dylan, in Brentwood's RAD Kids class.

Saban said he doesn't think it's too early of an age to start their training.

“They're drilling in their head different scenarios, and when that scenario comes up, they'll know how to react because they have the training, you know, the proper training now to do that so it's not like they're unprepared. They're prepared to recognize the different situations,” explained Saban.

That preparation is what Officer Samuel Bady hopes the children will take with them.

“When it comes to children, we can't do enough to give them all the skills that they can have in order to protect themselves because they are going to be the only person that is with them 24 hours a day, because sometimes mom and dad may not be there,” said Bady.

Each one week class is filled with 10 kids at a time.  The training helps children learn how to deal with strangers and bullies.

Beyond mental preparation, the kids also learn self-defense skills.

Rabea Jurosky brought her seven-year-old daughter, Ella, to the class to learn these skills.

“I think it's great for them to arm them with tools in self-defense moments,” Juroksy told News 2.  “They give them really great tools, such as learning different stances and ways to block someone in a bully situation; things to do if a stranger were to try to grab them.”

It's a program Officer Bady hopes will make a long-term impact on the community.

“We felt like we wanted to do something that would be very beneficial to help to keep the children a little bit safer here in the city,” he explained.

Bady hopes they'll be able to get more instructors so they can expand the program and offer more classes.

The program is free to the public and not restricted to Brentwood residents.

The next round of classes begins in November.

For more information on signing up, visit the RAD Kids Web site.

Those interested can also call Officer Bady at (615) 577-6022 or send an email to badys@brentwood-tn.org.

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