Rutherford County student tests positive for whooping cough

Free health fair for women to be held Saturday (Image 1)

Rutherford County Schools reported there has been a positive case of whooping cough involving one student.

RCS posted a statement to their Web site Wednesday saying a student at Lascassas Elementary School tested positive for the disease, formally known as pertussis.

Officials stated the Health Department doesn't believe there is a serious health risk to other students, but posted information about whooping cough to inform parents.

The department said the disease is contagious and spread through the air by cough.  It is preventable through vaccination, and that vaccination, they said, is required for school attendance.

Despite the vaccination, however, pertussis can still occur.

The nickname of whooping cough comes from the cough incurred after someone contracts pertussis.  The disease begins with symptoms similar to a cold that worsens to include coughing fits following by what they call a “whooping noise” as the person catches their breath.

To read the rest of The Health Department's informational release, click here.

RCS said anyone with questions or concerns should contact their school nurse or their health services department at 615- 893-5812.

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