Murfreesboro adult store booms despite opposition

Murfreesboro adult store booms despite opposition (Image 1)

After a few months of operation, the store owner of Body Boutique in Murfreesboro said her business is booming.

Body Boutique has been open to the public for a few months now, and the owner, Sarah Baldwin, said business is doing so well she might expand her operation.

“I have had an overwhelming positive response. I have had people come in and they say they are glad I am here,” she said.

Baldwin said her store has exceeded its sales goals, and if business continues to thrive, she hopes to expand her operation in one year.

“I still want to stay close to downtown, somewhere around the square, but that is my next goal. It is to buy my own building,” she said.

The Murfreesboro town square is an area where many families spend time.

Owner of Simply Southern Market place, Valerie Williams, says she doesn't think the adult store has hurt her business, but customers often bring up the topic.

Williams said the store should be in a different location.

“I was concerned. I was concerned about it fitting in with the atmosphere on the square,” said Williams.

Baldwin said there is no nudity in the store and because she doesn't sell adult movies, magazines or books, she is allowed to operate in this retail zoning location.

Prior to the business opening, the city planner inspected the facility and didn't find any violations.

The city received a complaint stating the shop was a “sexually oriented business” which requires special zoning.

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