Murfreesboro 5th graders affected by government shutdown

Murfreesboro 5th graders affected by government shutdown (Image 1)

A fifth grade class from Murfreesboro missed some of their planned stops during a field trip to Washington D.C. due to the government shutdown.

Each year Ms. Jamie Starling's social studies class goes to the nation's capitol to visit some of the country's most popular and historic buildings.

This year Starling and another teacher, alongside 26 students and 20 parents, were forced to make major compromises during their trip due to the shutdown.

“We had lots of plans that we ended up making a few changes to [due to the shutdown,” Starling said via FaceTime Thursday as she and her students traveled home.

She continued, “I would say half of what we planned to do, we could not do, specifically the national archives and the tour of the Library of Congress. We were supposed to tour the capitol.”

The tour company the students were traveling with was able to find other stops to give the students something special to experience.

“They got to sit in on a session of the House of Representatives. They got a pass for that so they were really excited about that that's not something they typically get to do,” Campus School principal Dr. Sherry King said. “They arrived on Sunday so they did have those two days before it shut down.”

The local students also had the opportunity to meet World War II veterans and toured the Vietnam Memorial.

Starling said despite the government shutdown, the trip, which was planned a year ago, wasn't a total letdown.

“I think our trip was still a success. They were able to find other options for us while we were in D.C.,” she said.

King added, “I initially thought I was going to have disappointed kids and parents, but after talking with the teacher and talking to some of the kids and parents I found that they worked so hard to find alternatives it actually was a pretty good trip.”

The Murfreesboro students, teachers and chaperones left Washington D.C. before Thursday's shooting outside the capitol.

The trip cost students around $2,000 per person.

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