Lockdown lifted after Cheatham, Montgomery schools receive theatening emails

Lockdown lifted after Cheatham, Montgomery schools receive theatening emails (Image 1)

All Cheatham County and Montgomery County schools were on lockdown Thursday after threatening emails were received.

A spokesperson for the Cheatham County School District told News 2 several threatening emails were sent to the district.

No particular school was mentioned in the emails and the lockdown was initiated on the advice of the police department.

A police officer has been placed in every school as a precaution.

Outside Ashland City Elementary School midday Thursday, parents waited for clearance to pickup their children.

“You guys broke the story first, that's how we got it. Shortly after we received a mass phone call thy goes out to all the parents,” parent Lashelle Christenberry said.

She added, “My heart is pounding. I'm almost in tears, these are little children. In Tennessee we aren't immune to anything. We've seen it across the country. Just because we're a little town doesn't mean it can't happen here.”  

Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools were placed on lockdown after multiple employees at the Clarksville Police Department received threatening emails between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m.

Clarksville police said the threats were toward the recipients of the emails and toward unidentified schools.
No specific school was targeted and all schools were placed on lockdown as a result.

“Since there has been no specificity of schools, the system has taken a cautionary approach,” school district spokesperson Elise Shelton said in a statement.

The lockdowns were lifted around 12:30 p.m.

“It feels really wonderful. I am glad nothing serious went down and no one got hurt,” one parent told News 2.

Police are investigating the origin of the emails.  Clarksville police said they are following several leads.

It was not immediately clear if the emails sent in both counties were connected.

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