George Jones’ likeness in 2 local corn mazes

George Jones' likeness in 2 local corn mazes (Image 1)

The memory of country legend George Jones is being honored in two corn mazes just outside of Nashville this fall season.

The Possum's likeness can be seen overhead at the Lyon Family Farms in Taft, Tennessee about 95 miles away from Nashville, and at the Honeysuckle Hill Farm in Springfield.

Both family friendly farms feature similar images of Jones in massive corn mazes.

The likenesses were done by The Maize Inc. based out of Utah. Precise GPS technology allows the cutters create the images that have become so popular at corn mazes recent years.

Jones passed away on April 26 of this year at the age of 81.

A tribute concert in his memory will be held on Nov. 22 in Nashville, and will include performances by artists such as Garth Brooks, George Strait, Reba McEntire, Alan Jackson, and more. The concert is sold out.

* contributed to this report.

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