Photo shows women posing on Sumner County ambulance

Photo shows women posing on Sumner County ambulance (Image 1)

A picture posted on Facebook in July is causing some concern in Sumner County.

The photo, sent to News 2 by a member of the iReport 2 Network, shows two young women wearing cut off shirts and blue jeans sitting on the hood of a county ambulance.

The women are seated back to back and smiling.  They appear to be taking a friendly photo.

The ambulance appears to be in an ambulance bay but it's not entirely clear from the picture.

Keith Douglas is the director of Sumner County Emergency Medical Services.

He told News 2 there is no policy restricting such behavior, but he doesn't feel it is appropriate and in fact, says the picture is disrespectful to the profession.

“It's alarming that someone would take it upon themselves and sit up on an ambulance like that,” he said.  “I think it is disrespectful to the profession.”

Douglas, however, said security was not an issue since medicines are locked up inside the rig.

Douglas explained, “They couldn't get to the medicine.  It is secured inside the ambulance.”

He continued, “It's not against protocol, it is against policy.  It is not the image that Sumner County EMS portrays.”

Douglas said people often pose with emergency equipment but such pictures are authorized.

He said, “We don't have a policy that says someone can't stand beside an ambulance and take a picture. This seems to me to be an unsupervised situation.”

He added, “It troubles me that someone would think this is appropriate.  I don't think any of our employees would think this is appropriate.”

Douglas said he plans to look into the matter.

The woman who posted the photo on Facebook told News 2, “The picture was taken between friends. This picture was taken earlier in the summer on around 4th of July. We actually had the picture taken by one of the volunteer firefighters who worked on that unit. We were setting things up for the 4th of July celebration and we simply took the picture as a memory. The girls and I meant no disrespect and we were fully clothed, so we didn't not think the pix would go past our Facebooks. We apologize to the station.”

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