Homecoming: Memorable night for Station Camp High School senior

Homecoming: Memorable night for Station Camp High School senior (Image 1)

Homecoming night is always a special event for high school students, but students at Station Camp High School are making it even more memorable for one of their seniors.

Kalie Carter is on the homecoming court and, like other girls, she needed a male student to escort her.

She chose senior Seth Walker, a fellow student diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

When meeting Seth, others might notice his wheel chair and difficulty speaking, but students at Station Camp don't see those things, especially Kalie.

“I went early Sunday morning and I got donuts, which are his favorite, and I made a sign,” she said.

When Seth got to school last week, he saw Kalie holding the sign that read, ‘Would you escort me to homecoming?”

Seth's mother said it was a great to see him react.

“To see her standing there with that sign and to watch Seth's reaction, it was just really a neat experience to watch him get so excited,” said Wendy Walker.

“I was like, ‘Which senior guy would I want to represent me, that would also represent the school and represent our senior class at homecoming?' I knew Seth would be the one,” said Kalie.

On Friday, Seth sat up front in a new Jaguar while his dad drove and Kalie sat on the back of the car waving.

The two then walked across the midfield during the homecoming celebration.

For the students that know Seth, this is nothing out of the ordinary.  Students see him as a normal person.

“He's fun to be around. He was at prom and he was dancing with everybody and he's right in the middle of things,” said football player Walt Heatherly.

Seth doesn't let his disability keep him from achieving big goals and accomplishments. He is the class president, among the top five of his class and the manager and stats keeper for the high school's basketball team.

He is even set to graduate this Spring with 12 hours of college credit.

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