Joe Biddle: Sunday Notes: September 22, 2013

Random ruminations while wondering whatever happened to Chiffonda Washington…

• Add this to you list of just another bonehead decision courtesy of Major League Baseball.

After the deadly attack at the Washington D.C. based Naval Yard, the Washington Nationals wanted to wear NAVY baseball hats during a game that week.

It was intended to honor those who were killed or wounded by a shooter who also died in a shootout with law enforcement officers.

But, no, decided Major League Baseball, led by Commissioner Bud “Lite'' Selig. Never mind that it should have been a slam- dunk endorsement, one that would earn the sport some positive public relations.

• No. 16 Miami Hurricanes took on Savannah State Saturday. Savannah State entered the contest as a 60-point underdog.

It marked only the third time since 1980, a team was favored by 60 points or more. Last year Savannah State kicked off as a 65-point underdog against Florida State. The Seminoles won 55-0, failing to beat the spread.

Saturday, Miami (Fla) swamped Savannah State 77-7. Other beat downs included Louisville 72-0 over Florida International, Ohio State 76-0 over Florida A&M, No. 20 Baylor over La.-Monroe, 70-7 and Iowa 59-3 over Western Michigan.

The NCAA needs to prohibit FBS teams from playing FCS. Granted, it provides much needed money for the FBS programs. But if you have to send your players out to what amounts to a slaughter, then you don't need to be fielding a football team.

Plus, some of the FBS programs are experiencing a drop in attendance, significant ones at a number of places. Who wants to pay hard-earned money to attend a game that is literally over by “home of the brave.''

• The Steelers are 0-2 and getting testy about it. Veterans posted signs in the locker room this week that unless you have four years in the league, you will be prohibited from playing ping-pong, pool or shuffleboard in the complex during business hours.

That's according to KDKA-TV reporter Jory Rand, whose report led to the signs being taken down. But the rules stand.

It's the first time since 2002 that the Steelers got off to a 0-2 start.

• Former Tennessee football-baseball athlete Todd Helton has announced he will retire after this season.

But Helton is not leaving before he managed to make St. Louis second baseman Matt Carpenter a victim of the old hidden ball trick.

Carpenter slid back into first base after the Rockies pitcher threw over to Helton. Helton faked a quick pitch back to the mound and put the ball in his glove. As Carpenter stepped off the bag to brush his uniform off, Helton reached out and tagged him.

Check it out on YouTube. Carpenter's look and body language speaks volumes.

• Your Titans odds of winning the Super Bowl are 100-1. Only six NFL teams have longer odds. The team with the longest odds? If you guessed the Jaguars, you are so correct. They are 1000-1 to win the Super Bowl.

And to think that the march to urge the team to sign free agent Tim Tebow drew more members of the media than it did Tebow supporters.

It's a two-way street. I don't think Tebow wants any part of quarterbacking the Jags.

• The SEC named its Legends of the Game last week. Tennessee's player is Inky Johnson, a promising defensive back whose career was cut short by a shoulder injury that required extensive surgery.

He only played in 23 games from 2004-06 and was injured against Air Force. He now lives in Knoxville.

Vanderbilt's Legend is former cornerback and running back Jimmy Williams, who played from 1997-2000. He later played six years in the NFL with the 49ers and Seattle before sustaining a career-ending injury.

Williams runs his Intercepting Our Youth Foundation to benefit youth in his hometown of Baton Rouge.

Some others who stand out to me are former Texas A&M linebacker Dat Nguyen, the first Vietnamese-American to play linebacker in the NFL, playing for the Cowboys from 1999-2005.

Alabama selected former linebacker Marty Lyons while Florida's choice was one of the SEC's best receivers ever in Wes Chandler, who was first team All-American in 1976 and 1977. He played 11 years in the NFL with the Saints and Chargers.

• I went to see my alma mater, Johnson City Science Hill, play No. 8 ranked Siegel in Murfreesboro Friday night. Science Hill previously beat David Crockett, 90-21, and Morristown 45-0 and was 3-0 on the season. They ran the mercy rule clock in the second half of both those games. Despite rain in the forecast, I had to see a team that could score 90 points in a high school game. That's hard to do against air.

In a case of what goes around, comes around, Siegel wasn't intimidated at all. The Stars dominated the Hilltoppers, 64-38, as Denzel Harding returned an interception 105 yards for a touchdown and overall, had better running backs and receivers in gaining 583 yards against the 6th ranked Hilltoppers.

Siegel is now 3-2 after a slow start, but it is getting better every week. The Stars will be a tough out in the playoffs.

“You never want to get beat like that,'' Science Hill Coach Stacy Carter told Johnson City Press sportswriter Douglas Fritz. “But I think it helped the program. We saw things we need to work on and things to shuffle around to beat a team like that.

Science Hill doesn't have time to lick its wounds. It hosts another Mid-State power in Brentwood Academy at Steve Spurrier Field Friday night.

• Has there been a split between Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron and galpal Katerine Webb? Some Web sites say yes, that she caught AJ cheating.

Webb denies there is anything to the stories. Oh, the drama.

• In the first two weeks in the NFL, there were a record 22 games that were decided by a touchdown or less. The over-under this week is nine games playing it close.

Will the Titans-Chargers be one of those games? Titans are a 3-point favorite over a team that has had its number for years.

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