Who can access personal information on your cell phone?

Who can access personal information on your cell phone? (Image 1)

After reports broke that the national security agency could tap into your cell phone data, News 2 wanted to know what kind of information cell phone providers are storing and who can access it.

In an effort to get answers, News 2 spoke to an expert in electrical and computer engineering expert who gave an insight.

“Your location is the biggest concern that every user should have,” Dr. Sachin Shetty said. “Revealing location information is one of the scariest bits of personal information that can be revealed because it can be used for tracking and advertisements.”

According to Dr. Shetty, hackers can snoop on cell phone users through public Wi-Fi and can mimic what is on a person's screen.

Hackers can also target a person's data through malware and apps that may look legitimate but have been compromised.  

“The general public has not been made aware of the malware reports that are coming in everyday,” Shetty said.

Shetty added passwords and automatic screen locks can help if a person's phone is stolen, but hackers can get around those, including the new iPhone's fingerprint scan.

“Even if it's a fingerprint it will be digitized that will be a digital signature stored,” Shetty said.

Dr. Shetty said anti-virus software can help protect a person's phone to make sure everything you download is legitimate and using cloud storage can make sure your data is secure.

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