School employee says ID was used to make fraudulent purchases

School employee says ID was used to make fraudulent purchases (Image 1)

A Clarksville-Montgomery County school system employee is outraged after her ID was stolen by an unknown person who then purchased thousands of dollars worth of items from a grocery store hundreds of miles away.

The victim, who asked us not to reveal her identity, is among one of tens of thousands of school employees whose private information was put out in the open by hackers last year.

She told News 2 on Thursday evening she recently discovered several fraudulent transactions that were made at a Virginia grocery store totaling upwards of $1,300 as she was going through her bank statements.

The school system employee, who said she's never even been to Virginia, said she immediately, notified her bank and authorities.

“I hate to think that it was, but I did speak with a friend of mine who said the same thing happened to her the day before yesterday and I find it not a coincidence,” the victim told News 2. “She's also a school system employee and the bank is aware there are quite a few other people whose accounts have been compromised.”

Last year, hackers released personal data, including social security numbers and birthdays of district students and employees.

Both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation have been working endlessly to determine where the breach came from.

The credit union's president released a statement to school employees following our story which read in part, “Beginning yesterday, we became aware of a relatively small number of fraudulent transactions occurring on our credit union members debit card accounts. Due to privacy issues, we cannot discuss individual account information; however, I can say that these fraudulent transactions have been reported by members in all of our office locations across Middle Tennessee and are not specific to Montgomery County School System employees.”

Experts say nearly 13 million U.S. adults were victims of identity fraud last year, which is an increase of more than one million victims over the previous year.

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