Local girl’s invention featured on ABC’s ‘World News’

A local mother-daughter duo is making national headlines with their invention, first featured on Nashville's News 2.

Kimberly McCain-Ricci and her daughter Audrey Frazee invented the Eraselet, the bracelet that erases.

After selling more than two million Eraselets on their own, the pair submitted the product to Walmart's Get on the Shelf competition.

The invention and the contest were featured this week on the “Made in America” series of ABC's World News.

The series caught up with McCain-Ricci and other inventors as they were pitching their products in person to Walmart representatives.

The Eraselet was selected in an earlier round of competition after the mother-daughter team submitted a home video touting the invention's benefits, including being made in America.

Eraselets are currently made in a rubber plant in Arkansas, also home to Walmart headquarters.

The fashionable and functional invention is among 20 finalists for the Get on the Shelf contest. As the name suggests, contest winners will have their product sold by the world's largest retailer.

Walmart representatives are expected to be in Middle Tennessee this weekend to get footage of the Eraselet headquarters, which is also the Goodlettsville home of the inventors.

According to the Get on the Shelf contest page, public voting will begin again on Tuesday, September 24.

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