Virus or Allergies: what’s making people ill in Middle Tennessee?

Virus or Allergies: what's making people ill in Middle Tennessee? (Image 1)

Many people in Middle Tennessee are coming down with symptoms of a virus or cold.

Family nurse practitioner Marilyn Wyatt Harris told News 2 she's seen quite a few patients at the Little Clinic inside Kroger in Hermitage.

“They're coming in with a lot of drainage, stuffy nose. Some ear congestion that is presenting like a head cold symptoms,” said Wyatt Harris. “Just not feeling good, a little tired and fatigued. Some itchy watery eyes likened to allergy type symptoms.”

The symptoms are found in both allergies and a virus. Treatment is similar at the onset of illness.

“If you're having those allergies symptoms, some of the things you can take are traditional antihistamines,” said Wyatt Harris. “If you're having some of that sinus pressure, some things like Sudaphed can help with that.”

But she says if the symptoms don't go away after a week or so of using the over-the-counter medications, you probably should see a doctor to treat a virus.

Yvonne Moles was seeing a doctor at the Little Clinic.

“I got it a week before last. I got a cold but I didn't know I might have bronchitis a few days ago,” said Moles.

“I feel hot then I feel cold. My head's stuffed up, my ears are popping. My chest is wheezing,” she added.

Wyatt Harris told News 2 the illness is not uncommon for the start of fall.

“This time of year we're going back to school. We're coming off vacation and we're just spending more time next to each other because we're not spread out like we are during summertime” said Wyatt Harris.

She adds it's important to get a flu shot early.

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