Family fights for answers year after man gunned down in parking lot

Family fights for answers year after man gunned down in parking lot (Image 1)

This weekend the family of Joshua McLean will mark a somber anniversary.

It marks one year since the 30-year-old Bellevue man was gunned down in the Nashville West Shopping Center on September 22, 2012.

McLean was in the parking lot to meet with prospective buyers of some guns he posted in an online ad to sell.

McLean was a newlywed and was selling the guns in anticipation of starting a family with his wife.

“It is very sad. They were married 12 weeks and they were just starting out their life. They had so many plans and so many dreams,” McLean’s sister Jacquie Curb said. “[His widow] has been just like us in that everyday she wakes up and thinks today is going to be the day that she will get a call and someone will be behind bars.”

McLean picked the Nashville West Shopping Center because it was a busy, well-lit parking lot.

He also brought his brother along to the meeting.

According to police, McLean was showing the weapons to two black men in the parking lot when one of the men shot him in the chest.

McLean ran a short distance away then collapsed. He later died.

The two men fled the area in a 1990s or early 2000s Buick Century or Regal. A picture of the car was snapped by a surveillance camera. It is tan or champagne in color.

McLean’s family’s grief is mixing with frustration and anger because his killer has not been arrested.

“How can this happen?” Curb asked. “How can a man be gunned down in the middle of a crowded parking area and here we are a year later with no resolution? I don’t understand that.”

Curb’s husband said McLean was like a son to him and his wife.

“We really need people to come forward and help,” Benson Curb said. “I think they can find these people who did this awful, awful thing.”

Jacquie Curb said the past year has been difficult for the family.

“My mom has been grieving, his widow, our children have all felt the loss deeply,” she said. “It has been the worst thing that has ever happened to us.”

McLean’s widow was too upset to speak with Nashville’s News 2 Thursday.

She has been in constant contact with police checking on any new leads in the case.

Metro police said the investigation is still active and detectives continue to follow up on leads.

McLean’s family feels confident that there are witnesses to the shooting who may not be coming forward.

“It means everything to us,” Jacquie Curb said. “We really need the help if you think you saw something, but you are not sure just go ahead and make the call [to police].”

Anyone with information about Joshua McLean’s murder should contact Crime Stoppers at 74-CRIME.

Callers can remain anonymous and could receive up to a $1,000 reward.

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