Local church celebrates Heroes’ Day

Local church celebrates Heroes' Day (Image 1)
Local church celebrates Heroes' Day (Image 1)

A local church celebrated Heroes' Day on Sunday, a day set aside to honor police officers, armed forces, fire personnel and the many others who put their lives on the line for America's safety.

Oasis Church wanted to honor all local service men and women who protect our rights and freedom.

Marine Lance Corporal Benjamin Maenza was three weeks into his first deployment in Afghanistan when he lost both of his legs and suffered injuries to his arm as the result of an IED blast.

Maenza, a Purple Heart recipient, was honored for his service with a $10,000 donation from the church.

“We need to remember and recognize not only the heroes that fight overseas but our firefighters, the police department, those men and women who lay their lives on the line to protect and defend,” said Danny Chambers of the Oasis Church.

The money Maenza received will help build his new home in Brentwood. The wheelchair accessible house is scheduled to be completed in November.

There were a number of dignitaries, council members and a congressman at the event but the day paid tribute everyday heroes.

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