Devoted duck stands vigil after mate killed on busy roadway

Devoted duck stands vigil after mate killed on busy roadway (Image 1)

A devoted duck continues to stand vigil beside a busy roadway after her mate was killed several weeks ago in Fairview.

Adriana Marjadsingh discovered the lone mallard about five weeks ago.

“There was a flock of them over there and one of them was hurt and then he got killed,” Adriana told News 2. “She stayed with him, right by his body for two days.”

Since then, the duck refuses to leave the area where her loved one died, despite putting her own life in danger.

“Somebody ran over her on purpose. He called her over and put food on the parking lot and then he ran her over,” Adriana said. “We call her 'Miracle Duck.' We were trying to save her from the beast you know, and a beast of a man ran over her.”

Despite hobbling on an injured leg, the duck remains devoted to her late mate. Adriana said it's a quality and devotion she admires.

“You can't get women to be that devoted to their husbands,” she said. “She's so devoted to him, it's amazing.”

Adriana told News 2 she remains hopeful the mallard will eventually trust her enough to allow her to catch her and take her to a rehab facility.

Wildlife officials have also attempted to capture the duck without success.

Until she or wildlife officials can contain the Miracle Duck, Adriana said she will continue to come by each day and look over her feathered friend.

When Adriana is not around to keep a watchful eye over the grieving duck, workers at a nearby restaurant watch over her.

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