‘Punky Brewster’ star Soleil Moon Frye has new app for kids

'Punky Brewster' star Soleil Moon Frye has new app for kids (Image 1)

Childhood star Soleil Moon Frye, star of the 1980s hit “Punky Brewster,” is still an actress but she's also a mother of two and has a new app she hopes will help parents with their children.

She told News 2, “As a mom everything has come so naturally, like I have so many questions and I started sharing through social media and I got connected to so many other people that were feeling the same way. So much of what I've done has come from being a mom and wanting to share my own crazy experiences.”

Frye hopes her new app, Moonfrye, will inspire others to have fun with their kids.

Moonfrye lets you take pictures of your kids and transport them to a whole new world.

She said, “You know we're constantly taking pictures of our little ones and they're all stored in the phone and we wanted to create these really fun themes where people can take their little ones and put them in the themes and I'm obsessed with stickers and my kids are obsessed with stickers and this is really meant to be something that families can do with their kids over their shoulder and that we can decorate them together and then share them with their friends your family your social network and it's just been a blast.”

Frye, who is pregnant with her third child, also has a new book coming out in October entitled, “Let's Get This Party Started.”

She'll also start hosting the show “Home Made Simple” on the Oprah Winfrey Network next month.

She said, “Things are really exciting but most importantly my kids are my world you know my kids and my husband and they're my inspiration. I love involving them.”

The Moonfrye app is available in the iTunes store.

The first 5,000 people who download the app will receive free stickers.

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