Robber apologizes for decade-old crime

Robber apologizes for decade-old crime (Image 1)

Twelve years after robbing a Nashville market, the man responsible has asked for forgiveness.

The owner of InterAsian Market & Deli on Nolensville Pike remembers the robbery like it was yesterday.

The suspect picked up a six pack of beer, asked for a pack of cigarettes and handed over the money for the merchandise.

But when owner Keosavanh Sayarath looked back up from the register, there was a gun pointed at his chest.

“His gun is pointed at my chest right here and I said, 'Okay,'” Sayarath recalled, “I just gave him all the money he wanted.”

The man made off with about $300 and was never captured.

On Friday, a man walked into InterAsian and handed the business owner's son an envelope.

“He handed me an envelope and it said 'Owner' on it,” Somboon Wu said.

Inside was a yellow note and $400 cash.

The note explained that the robber was a recovering drug addict who wanted to make amends.

“The whole idea that he would be brave enough to come by and bring us this letter, this is sort of a reminder that there are good people. They just need a second chance sometimes,” Wu told News 2.

Sayarath and his son said they forgive the man who wronged them more than a decade ago.

“I forgive him 100%,” Sayarath said.

The store owners said they plan to keep the letter to remind them of the terrifying incident.

Sayarath added he hopes the man comes back to the store in the future so he can meet him.

“I really want to make friends with that kind of person,” he said.

The family would also like to return the $400 to the man who stole it from them more than a decade ago.

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