Parents thank firefighters after newborn rescued from flooded home

Parents thank firefighters after newborn rescued from flooded home (Image 1)

A Madison mom hoped to one day personally say thank you to the firefighters who rescued her family from a flood last month.

Tuesday, Rebecca Marlin got that chance.

Marlin, her husband Jeremiah, her mother-in-law, niece and two kids reunited with the heroes at Nashville Fire Station 31 in Madison.

“It’s important for me to let them know how much we appreciate them,” Marlin told Nashville’s News 2.

Last month, the family woke up to rising flood water inside their Gibson Drive home.

Rebecca, Jeremiah and their two children, Jay, 4, and then 5-week-old Lauren went to the attic to stay dry and wait for help.

Nashville’s News 2 captured video of the family being rescued.

But the image that went national was that of little Lauren being carried out in her car seat by firefighters who waded through waist high water to get her to safety.

“You just have no idea how much you’ve meant to us,” Marlin told the firefighters.

It was special for Zane Riggs, Jason Browning and William Herndon to see the fruits of their labor during the emotional reunion.

“It’s awesome to see that they’re doing well,” said Riggs.

“This is the reward of it all, getting to meet the people that you help,” Browning told Nashville’s News 2.

Browning is new to the fire department. He had just graduated from the academy a month prior to the rescue.

“The key for me was I had good leadership. They were great leaders and told me exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it. I just followed their lead,” said Browning.

Firefighter William Herndon has been with the Nashville Fire Department for 16 years and has been part of many rescues but says carrying a baby through a flash flood was a first for him.

The men admitted they were a little nervous at the time.

“We put two people on there. We had two hands on her so if one of us went down the other one could carry on,” said Herndon.

The Marlin family said they would never forget the kindness and bravery the men showed them during the terrifying ordeal.

The family is unsure if they will move back into their home.

They are currently staying with relatives.

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