Man charged in infant’s abuse, child later dies

Man charged in infant's abuse, child later dies (Image 1)

A man charged with aggravated child abuse of an 8-month-old girl remains jailed following the death of the child.

Kyle O'Brien, 23, is accused of violently abusing the child on September 2 in Hohenwald.

According to The Columbia Herald, the infant, who was his girlfriend's daughter, suffered brain and retinal bleeding, as well as skull fractures.

Deputies said O'Brien confessed to the crime, saying he intentionally threw and violently shook the child.

She was airlifted to Vanderbilt University Children's Hospital in critical condition.

O'Brien was charged and arrested on September 4.  He is currently being held in lieu of $4 million.

One day after his arrest, the 8-month-old child died.

The newspaper says the Lewis County District Attorney General reported new charges were not filed after the infant's death.

The investigation continues is expected to reach the grand jury level where O'Brien's charges can be addressed.

He is scheduled to appear in court October 1.

*The Columbia Herald contributed to this report.

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