Cabbie quits job, moves out of state after accusing Keith Bulluck of robbery

Keith Bulluck

The lawyers for ex-Titans star Keith Bulluck says the cabbie that accused their client of robbery is now out of state and is no longer driving for a Nashville cab company.

United Cab officials also told News 2 that Habib Hashi turned in his cab vehicle last Friday at the company headquarters on Murfreesboro Road.

Bulluck was arrested in the early hours of August 25 after Hashi swore out a warrant that said the former linebacker ripped a $100 bill from his shirt pocket.

“We are going to have multiple witnesses ready to go,” Bulluck's attorney Bryan Lewis told News 2 Friday. “We are loaded for bear. We feel like we have evidence and proof that to come forward to rebut probable cause at the preliminary hearing next Friday.”

Lewis told News 2 his private investigator reached Hashi by phone informing him of the new court date on Thursday.

“He just basically said, I have lots of evidence, I will be there, and that's all I heard,” added Lewis. “He quit his job at United Cab, we wanted to serve him there, but we have information that he is now out of state.”

On Thursday, Bulluck was careful with his words in his first public interview about being accused of felony robbery by the now former Nashville cab driver.

He told radio station 104.5 The Zone the incident “is very frustrating,” and added, “That's why I am looking forward to my day in court.”

That day in court has been moved up from what's called a settlement date on September 26 to next Friday after Bulluck's attorney requested and was granted a preliminary hearing.

“I would love to share my side… and how the incident took place,” Bulluck told The Midday 180 show Thursday afternoon.  “I have been given legal advice not to talk about it, but I can say hopefully this gets resolved soon and as soon as it is, I will talk as long as I can and share everything I can about that night and the incident.”

Bulluck is a regular Thursday guest on the radio show as a commentator on the Titans.

He also did commentary for WKRN-TV for three of the Titans preseason games this year.

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