Woman injured in vicious dog attack

Woman injured in vicious dog attack (Image 1)

A Madison woman is recovering after she was attacked by a pack of violent pit bulls Tuesday morning.

Donna Alexander was walking along Tahlena Avenue, just off Neelys Bend Road, with her friend, Sandra Gant, when they were attacked by three dogs.

“I said, ‘Donna, we're coming up on a pit bull but don't get scared, don't let him know you're scared,” Gant said, adding, “but she got scared, and by that time, we turned around, I said to her, ‘Here he come, here he come' [and] we couldn't do [anything].”

According to Metro Animal Control officers, one dog initially attacked the women and then two others quickly joined the fight.

“We didn't do anything,” Gant continued. “Those dogs just came out of nowhere to help the other dog.”

There was nothing Gant could do for her friend.  She was able to run away and climb onto a neighbor's air conditioning unit and out of harm's way.

Robert Layhew was working in a nearby yard and heard the commotion.

“She got to screaming and yelling and we ran up and we had some pick axes and chased the dogs off,” he recalled.  “I kneeled down, held her hand.  We put compressions on her legs and prayed with her, just tried to calm her down.”

Gant suffered serious bites on both legs and was taken by ambulance to Skyline Medical Center.

Metro Animal Control Officer Billy Keathley told News 2 the area has had a problem with dogs, one in particular that hides in a ravine.

“I would say she is protective of her babies,” Keathley said.  “Now I haven't seen the other dogs to know if they're vicious or not, but she is definitely protective of her puppies.”

Regardless of whether the dogs are owned by residents or strays, Gant is fed up.

“You can't even walk in the neighborhood,” she told News 2.

Alexander was treated and released from Skyline Medical Center late Tuesday afternoon.

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