Tow truck operators rescue submerged SUV from lake

Tow truck operators rescue submerged SUV from lake (Image 1)

Two men came to the rescue after a truck rolled down a ramp into the Percy Priest Lake on Monday.

The owners were trying to launch their boat when their SUV slid into the water at the Hamilton Creek Recreation Area.

It became completely submerged. Luckily, no one was injured.

A tow truck crew was called to the scene to tow the vehicle.

“All I saw was a lake. I really didn't see anything until the police officers pointed it out and said, 'It's about 30 feet off the ramp and five feet under, and the trailer is probably another 10 feet under,'” tow truck driver Robert Campbell recalled.

After realizing more assistance wasn't coming, and understanding the vehicle's owners had been out all day waiting for help, Campbell decided to swim out and latch the truck himself.

“It was pretty difficult to swim with the chains because the chains are probably 10 pounds each,” he explained.

Jorge Vega, who assisted in the getting the vehicle back to dry ground, had to keep an eye on Campbell as he dove underwater.

“It's a lot of emotions going on that if he goes down, I gotta come; I gotta get my eyes on him,” he said. “I asked the police to keep spotlights on him so I could keep a good eye on him.”

Authorities believe the truck might've been left in the wrong gear prior to rolling into the lake.

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