Local police, sheriff’s departments receive military vehicles

Local police, sheriff's departments receive military vehicles (Image 1)

Gallatin police have a new tool to fight crime, as well as rescue officers and victims.

A MRAPV, or Mine Resistant Assault Protected Vehicle, is on the department's lot thanks to the U.S. military.

Six of the trucks, which normally cost more than $600,000, have been given to police and sheriff's departments in Tennessee.

Police departments in Gallatin, Hendersonville, Murfreesboro, Lewisburg and the Williamson and Scott Counties Sheriff's Departments received the vehicles free of charge through the national military surplus program.

“This gives us the capability to get in close if we need to extract a wounded officer or fatigued officer,” said Sgt. Chris Shockley of the Gallatin Police Department. “We'll be able to do that and do it safely without the threat of being fired upon.”

The MRAPV's are used on the roads of Afghanistan to protect soldiers from enemy fire and IED's placed to injure or kill American soldiers.

Up to 10 SWAT members can fit into one of the MRAPV vehicles.

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