Jeanne’s Meatball Factory opens in Nashville

Jeanne's Meatball Factory opens in Nashville (Image 1)

Nashville's restaurant scene keeps expanding, and a meatball factory just became the latest addition to the city's food atmosphere.

Jeanne's Meatball Factory hosted its grand opening over the weekend at the corner of Nolensville Pike and Old Hickory Boulevard.

The new restaurant is an extension of a catering company that's been doing business in Nashville for the last 12 years. The idea is homegrown.

“I come from a large Italian family and my mother was a fantastic cook, and she cooked meatballs for the family all the time. There are eight kids and my parents and my grandmother lived with us, and my nieces so I grew up in a four generation household so there was always cooking going on, always fun. Excitement,” said co-owner Jeanne Giguer.

All of the profits made won't go entirely back into the business.

The restaurant donates a portion to a homeless outreach organization called The Little Pantry That Could.

“They could use all the help they can get. We become aligned with them last year and once we were opening this store I was like, okay we've wanted to find a way to help them even more than just volunteering so a portion of every meatball sold is going to help them,” said Marc Giguere, also a co-owner.

Jeanne's Meatball Factory also sells gourmet cupcakes.

For more information on the new restaurant, click here.

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