‘Live on the Green’ sees increase in attendees over past 5 years

'Live on the Green' sees increase in attendees over past 5 years (Image 1)

“Live on the Green” has attracted thousands more people since it began five years ago.

The annual series of free concerts is held downtown in the Public Square Park, situated in front of the Metro Nashville Courthouse.

The six-week outdoor concert series began in 2009 with around 2,500 attendees.

Now, anywhere from 9,000 to 14,000 people come out for the free shows.

“Every year it amazes me to watch the crowd grow,” said Tom Hanson, producer for Live on the Green.

Live music isn't the only attraction, though. There are all kinds of activities for people of all ages, even children.

“We have a kid zone. We change the name every year, sometimes the Green Thumb Zone. Family friendly activities for the younger children [happen] early in the evening between 5:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. before the little ones have to go bed,” Hanson explained.

Public Square Park opens to attendees at 5 p.m. each Thursday through September 12.

This Thursday's show will be headlined by Robert Randolph and The Family band with openers Joe Robinson and St. Paul and Broken Bones.

The schedule and lineup for Live on the Green's final two weeks can be found on their Web site.

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