Nashville area Sprint customers affected by 911 outage

Nashville area Sprint customers affected by 911 outage (Image 1)

Sprint customers in the Nashville area could not contact 911 emergency services for several hours Monday night.

Duane Phillips, director of Metro's emergency communications center, told News 2 the outage was discovered during a routine check of the system.

“One of our managers, who also has a city Sprint phone, was on his way home and he lives in Robertson County,” explained Phillips. “On his way he tried several times to call 911 and as he went through Sumner County it did not work, and when he got home in Robertson County, it did not work either.”

Davidson, Sumner, Williamson, Robertson and Wilson counties all reported the Sprint-911 outage.

Sprint spokesperson Lisa Zimmerman-Mott told News 2 the temporary problem was due to a hardware issue at one of the carrier's switching centers.

In a statement, she noted it was an isolated incident and that network technicians worked with the Public Service Answering Points to restore service.

Phillips said the disruption was discovered at 3:30 p.m. Monday.

“Originally they said it was going to be about 72 hours and we'll get back to you, so I called immediately when I found out and said that's unacceptable,” Phillips said.

Full 911 service was resolved at 3:30am Tuesday.

No other carrier was affected.

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