Mt. Juliet commissioners discuss plans to let employees carry guns

Mt. Juliet commissioners discuss plans to let employees carry guns (Image 1)

Mt. Juliet commissioners continued a discussion on a proposal that would allow city workers to carry handguns Monday night.

The initial measure would allow Mt. Juliet's 120 city employees to have a weapon in the workplace if they have a properly registered carry permit filed with the city, however, the board made an amendment that changes the proposal slightly.

Under the new amended proposal, employees with valid gun permits would be allowed to leave a firearm in their vehicle that is parked on city property.

Supporters say that recent shootings at a Pennsylvania town meeting is a key reason why commissioners, along with city employees, should have the option of being armed.

“I believe in our rights. I believe in our city officials who have gone through the training and the background checks, who are in those positions to not only protect themselves but protect the children and the people of our community,” Mt. Juliet resident Jeremy Hayes said.

Those in opposition believe that city workers don't need to be carrying guns.

“As a department head, I personally don't think I would want to be managing in an environment where guns are allowed in the workplace,” Marlin Keel said.

While saying he's supportive of 2nd Amendment rights, Commissioner James Bradshaw told News 2 that, “We don't need city workers totin' guns all over the place.”

The amendment was approved in its first reading Monday night by a 4 to 1 vote. Commissioners will vote on the proposal for a second time on September 9.

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