Daughter, 1, present during father’s drug deal

Cookeville High School student arrested for bringing gun to school (Image 1)

A father was arrested after he allegedly took his young daughter with him on a drug deal.

According to a police affidavit, 26-year-old Dusty Corlew admitted to selling prescription pills while his one-year-old was in his car.

Police attempted to initiate a traffic stop for a faulty brake light. Corlew did not stop and officers followed him to a residence on Brookwood Terrace where he pulled into a driveway.

When police made contact with him, Corlew admitted to selling two Oxymorphone pills for $100 and crushed up the remaining five in an Icee cup in his console.

Police also found a 14-inch machete along the rear floorboard of his vehicle. His daughter was also present in the vehicle.

Corlew faces several charges including child endangerment, evading arrest, felony drug charges, among others.

The Department of Child Services has been notified. 

He is expected to appear in court August 28.


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