Woman says home show used her photo without permission

Woman says home show used her photo without permission (Image 1)

A Middle Tennessee woman was surprised to learn that her picture has been plastered on billboards and social media sites to advertise an upcoming home show in Murfreesboro.

The eye-catching image features Tamelyn Feinstein wearing a bathrobe with large rollers in her hair and holding a hammer.

Not only is the image on billboards along the side of the interstate, it also graced the Murfreesboro Homes Show's Facebook page and Twitter account.

“My face is on a billboard. At that point I was just floored,” Feinstein said. “I took the photo. It is a self portrait.”

Feinstein added that she was unaware her photo, which was taken several years ago as part of a photo challenge, was being used in the advertisement until one of her friends alerted her.

“It was funny. It was meant to be funny in the context of my friends in that group, but not really in the context of my public persona on a billboard,” she said.

A member of the marketing team who put the ad together has reached out to Feinstein in a letter saying, “We get all of our photos from stock Web sites and I am terribly sorry that you have experienced this issue.”

The company also said it is actively trying to track down proof the image was purchased.

“I have never licensed that photo to any Web site or stock Web site,” Feinstein said.

She added that she has sought legal counsel on the matter, but is hopeful it can be resolved without a court fight.

The image has since been removed from the home show's social media sites.

News 2 reached out to the company for an explanation, but they have yet to respond to the request.

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