‘Smart growth living experience’ coming to Middle Tennessee

'Smart growth living experience' coming to Middle Tennessee (Image 1)

The major parcel of land amounting to 147 acres, located near the intersection of McEwen Drive and Carothers Parkway, will soon be home to what officials call a “smart growth living experience.”

SouthStar LLC purchased the property in December for more than $50 million.

It will be developed into 1.4 million square feet of office space, hotels, dining, entertainment, upscale retail stores and residential units.

Many say it will be like nothing else in Middle Tennessee.

“The shopping, the restaurant, the entertainment, the living; people can live right where they work. It's an environment we don't have, necessarily, especially in the suburbs, this urban-type environment in a suburb location,” said Glen McGehee of SouthStar.

There are even plans for a transit system to connect businesses, residents and a park with bike paths and a hiking trail.

“The volume of square footage, the volume of retail, the volume of room keys, and residential; we think the scale of that really enables this to work,” said Ed Fritsch with Highwood Properties.

Developers say they haven't yet spoken to retailers or businesses, but they hope to break ground next summer.

“We're breaking ground summer 2014. We would hope by 2016 you start to see some people moving into office buildings, see the retail come online and the residential being sold,” said McGehee.

Officials said they are currently in the planning stages.

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