Mold closes Cool Springs YMCA for 90 days

Mold closes Cool Springs YMCA for 90 days (Image 1)

The YMCA in Cool Springs was closed Monday after mold was discovered during a renovation project.  

“About a month ago, we were beginning a locker room renovation, and when they began the demolition in one of the locker rooms, they discovered some mold behind the wall,” YMCA spokesperson Jessica Fain told News 2.

She continued, “They wanted to do some exploratory demolition just to ensure if there were other areas in the building that had been affected.”

The Cool Springs YMCA, located on Seaboard Lane near Mallory Lane and Cool Springs Galleria, has been opened for close to 10 years and has around 350 regular members.

“One of the things we're doing is allowing anyone who is a member of just this facility to utilize any YMCA in Middle Tennessee,” said Fain.

Polly Manning brought her gym bag to the Y at Noon. She told Nashville's News 2 she had received an e-mail announcing the closing, but had forgotten.

She added she believes the gym is doing the right thing by closing its doors to members.

I think that's a good idea. I mean, I'm glad they want to get it fixed the right way, so it's going to be good from now on,” Manning said. “It won't have to close down again maybe down the road somewhere.”

Fain said the renovation project will continue and the YMCA will be closed for at least 90 days.

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