2 charged in attempted murder with brick

2 charged in attempted murder with brick (Image 1)

Two men were arrested after allegedly trying to kill another man in east Nashville on Friday.

Around 8 a.m., a gas station attendant at Mapco located at 712 Main Street called police and reported that a man came in with lacerations and swelling to his head and throat.

Upon arrival, officers made contact with the victim who had a severely swollen face and left eye, as well as lacerations to his face, throat and chin.

The victim informed police he was hit in the face with a brick near Co-op Ministries at 807 Main Street.

He was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Police went to Co-op Ministries and witnessed a man outside with blood trickling down his leg.  Officers asked how it happened and asked if he knew what happened to the victim.

The man, identified as Horace Horton, 53, stated that he had fallen off his bike and knew nothing about the victim.

A witness then told police, “Yeah, he did it,” referring to Horton, and said Horton was bragging about it earlier.

Horton was arrested on the scene and charged with attempted criminal homicide.

The witness then told police that Robert Byrnes, 52, was with Horton when the crime occurred.

Police located Byrnes who immediately admitted to police that he and Horton had been talking about killing the victim for several days, citing several instances in which the victim angered them.

Byrnes admitted he was present early Friday morning when Horton hit the victim with a brick three times in the face and shoulder, but that he did not do it.

Byrnes was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit criminal homicide.

Authorities found a brick and bloody rag at the crime scene.

The victim later corroborated Byrnes' story, saying Horton attacked him and Byrnes did not.

Horton is being held in the Metro jail without bond.

Byrnes' bond was set at $50,000.

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