Panel expected to review Tennessee’s textbook selection

Panel expected to review Tennessee's textbook selection (Image 1)

The Senate Election Committee is planning a hearing in October to review how the state's textbooks are selected for kindergarten through 12th grade schools.

According to the Associate Press, the announcement came from Senator Dolores Gresham (R) of Somerville, who is the committee's chairwoman.

The panel is expected to review the role and work of the state's Textbook Commission as well as Tennessee's laws that govern textbook selection.

The goal is to ensure an accurate and unbiased approach.

The commission, made up of 10 members, came under fire recently when parents felt they adopted a textbook that contained what they considered “inappropriate language and a controversial interpretation of historical facts.”

The Textbook Commission's job is to recommend an official list of textbooks for approval by the State Board of Education.

Local school systems then choose which textbooks they want to adopt from the list for six-year period.

*The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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