Spring Hill ranks as one of America’s best small towns

Spring Hill ranks as one of America's best small towns (Image 1)

Spring Hill has been cited as one of America's Best Places to Live this year.

The annual list is put out by CNN's Money magazine and cites small towns that are thriving, good places to raise a family, have a lot of greenery, good schools and a strong since of community.

Out of the top 50 best small towns in America, Spring Hill ranks at 45.

Its population is 30,568 with a median home income of $80,850, 6.38% job growth, and a crime rate of one in every 1,000.

CNN Money notes that Spring Hill is merely 30 miles outside of Nashville and home to a historic Civil War battle.

The town has a diverse community of professionals, blue collar workers and retirees, as well as a General Motor's plant that employs nearly 2,000 people.

Spring Hill has become more popular over the last decade, but still has plenty of undeveloped areas, including three large parks.

Click here to see the full list, or here to jump directly to the rest of Spring Hill's stats.

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