Local steakhouse celebrates National Filet Mignon Day

Local steakhouse celebrates National Filet Mignon Day (Image 1)

Today is the day to celebrate beef, but not just any cut of beef. Filet mignon.

Tuesday is National Filet Mignon Day.

Filet Mignon is French for dainty (mignon), boneless meat (filet).

Famous author O. Henry first coined the phrase in his book The Four Million in 1906, but people have enjoyed the lean cut of beef since the 1800s.

The steak is cut from the tenderloin of a steer or heifer, and has low levels of marbling and fat.

Morton's The Steakhouse, widely regarded as the best place for steak, is among several steakhouses in Nashville that offer filet mignon.

“If you're doing a grill at home, generally you want to sear the filet. Once you have a good sear on it, put it on a top rack, turn the heat down and let it rest,” said Morton's Executive Chef Michael Swezey.

“That will give you more red color all the way around, instead of just having a small center. And just let it sit for a little bit and it will come up to temperature,” he added

Swezey also told Nashville's News 2 that filet mignon should be well-seasoned, because the steak will lose some of the seasoning while on the grill.

Morton's The Steakhouse is celebrating National Filet Mignon Day by offering petite filet sandwiches for $1. The deal is good open to close Thursday at the restaurant's BAR 12-21 located at 618 Church Street.

For more restaurant secrets and steak tips, visit Morton's The Steakhouse.

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