911 calls from August flooding released

911 calls from August flooding released (Image 1)

When heavy rains caused flash flooding across Davidson County last week hundreds of people called 911 to report severe flooding in their homes.

Other people were calling for help from inside their vehicles.

“I can't move the car and it is fixing to take the car,” one caller said. “I am scared.”

The dispatcher tells the lady not to leave her car because as little as six inches of moving water can sweep her off her feet.

“Is the water getting in your car yet,” the dispatcher asks the woman.

She responds, “Not yet, but it's flooded and it is fixing to [get inside] because it is moving the car.”

During the call the woman sees a fire truck approaching, but is told it is for another person who has called 911 for help.

On Gibson Drive a family called 911 to report water quickly rising in their home. They were also concerned for their neighbors who had a newborn.

Nashville's News 2 had exclusive video of the rescue that happened following the 911 call.

“We woke up about an hour ago with just a little bit of water on the floor,” the caller said. “Then about 20 minutes later we were trying to salvage what we could and now we have been in the attic for about an hour now.”

Next door the young family also called for help.

The dispatcher told them to hang something out of the attic window so firefighters would be able to find them when rescue crews arrived.

“I know you are scared, but they are coming to you as quickly as possible every body is flooding,” the dispatcher said.

“Oh I understand,” the caller said. “It is just scary.”

The dispatcher said, “I understand. Just keep listening to my voice.”

On Ewingdale Drive the flood water trapped multiple people inside their homes.

“I can't get out through my back door nor through the front door and there is already water in my house almost up to my plugs,” one caller said. “My car is about to start floating.”

She continued. “My house is full of water and I am on the sink.”

The woman told Nashville's News 2 Tuesday that she was holding her two year old son as they waited for help.

She did not want to be identified.

Her car was moved from her drive way by the flood water.

Nashville's Fire Department responded to around 211 calls for help on Thursday.

According to the department the first 200 calls were handled in a two and a half hour period beginning around 5:30 am.

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